I want to live in a cozy apartment with lots of christmas lights where it rains a lot and it snows and I can wear big sweaters and live near a coffee shop and read books all the time and fall in love with someone.

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Cocobeauty is literally all my goals in life style goals


So in love with ALL of this from Girl Code’s race episode

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Nsfw yes pls

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i miss u

Sometimes I see things during the day and I’m like Mahima would laugh at this or Mahima wouldn’t stand for this injustice gotta do her proud


I want an apartment that’s big enough to have a second room specifically dedicated to my closet and not like a walk in closet I want there to be furniture that I can sit on and have a glass of wine look at all my clothes and a tv so I can watch all my favourite shows while trying on different outfits when I’m bored


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Style goals bedroom goals

Art tbh


Art tbh

Meryl is the queen of selfie hot friends

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This scene should have won an oscar tbh


when you message somebody and it says “seen” and they don’t reply



Too real